Privacy policy

This Privacy Policy concerns all online services that can and will be provided by Zerosouth BVBA, Schillerstr. 24, 2050 Antwerp, including its, its online services, and all possible communications via e-mail, forums and IRC-channels.   We would like to remind you on your responsibility for the correctness on all data that you provide to Zerosouth BVBA.   By using our website you confirm that you are in agreement to all terms of this privacy policy.   Every time you provide information through this website you agree and bound yourself to the terms of our privacy policy.   Zerosouth BVBA shall not collect data of visitors where proven they belong to the age of minors or below 18 years old.   Minors are not allowed to proceed to purchasing goods on our website, unless the explicit approval of their parents or caretaker.   We advice parents to discuss the use of Internet and to advice them on the type of information provided to different website.   As with many websites our site actively collects information about its visitors through questionnaires and to guide visitors to interact with Zerosouth via email, forms, forums and/or IRC-channels.

Also for the sales of its products, Zerosouth BVBA collects information.   The information provided can contain personal data directly linked to your identity (e.g. information related to your address, email, phone numbers, etc.).      Providing information to Zerosouth is often a prerequisite, prior to enjoy specific promotions or advantages (such as subscription to newsletters or other information) of to enjoy specific articles or products (e.g. sweepstakes, contests, purchasing specific products, or promotions).    Where applicable you will find additional information on the type of information required or optional.  When navigating through our website, information can be collected in a passive way (without you actively providing this information to Zerosouth BVBA), such as IP-addresses, cookies and data related to your navigation behavior on our site.   This site makes, like all other sites, use of Internet Protocol-addresses (IP-address).    An IP-address is a number uniquely attributed to your computer by your Internet service provider and that allows you to gain access to the Internet.   In general it is assumed that an IP-address does not contain any specific private data because IP-addresses are dynamically generated (every time access is given the number will be different) and as such is not static.    We make use of your IP-address to resolve problems with our server, to collect static data, to establish the fastest connection between your computer and our site and to administer and improve our site in general.   Because of security reasons and to avoid flooding and spam our server logs your IP-address.


A ‘cookie’ is a particular piece of information that a website sends to your web browser to will allow our site to identify specific preferences related to your profile; based on previous visits.    ‘Session cookies’ are temporary cookies that will be removed, as soon as your browser is closed and/or computer is shut down.   Session cookies are used to improve the navigation on our website and to collect specific statistical data.  ‘Persistent cookies’ are cookies that remain on your computer until removed by you.   Persistent cookies store information on your computer to facilitate future access of stored data (e.g. your user name and passwords, filled out address details), and to identify what information our users find most interesting and/or relevant.   This will allow us to improve our services even further.   Our site uses both forms of cookies.

‘Navigation data’ (log files, server logs, clickstream-data) are used for system management, to adjust and improve the content of the website, to facilitate market research and to provide adequate information to the user.    Our site makes use of navigation data.   Unless explicitly mentioned other, we are allowed to use the information provided by ou to improve the contents of our site, to adjust the site to your preferences, to provide you information (if agreed to by you), for our marketing and research activities, for the sale and/or delivery of products and for other purposes as listed in this privacy policy.   In addition, we can share your details with third parties, only in the event we make use of third parties that offer services or products to Zerosouth BVBA (e.g. orders, technical and/or logistical services, financial transactions), and if they agree and operate under the terms outlined in this privacy policy.   Under no circumstances your personal data shall be transferred or sold to any other party that is not involved in our production and/or commercial processes.    We can however make use of all non-personal data that has been collected through this site.   Visitors of our site that for provided us with personal data for any possible reason, have the right to look into their data and adjust where needed, in line with the laws on the protection of personal privacy, published 8th of December 1992.

In case your data is used for practical direct marketing activities you have the right to protest without any expenses.  In case you are receiving information that you no longer wish to receive, please send us an email via with the subject line “no further mailings”.   Please also provide us with your customer account number (if known) and your postal address.      This site can contain links or references to other websites.   Do note that we do not have any control over these websites and that our privacy policy does not apply to these websites.   It is recommended, that whenever you visit such a website, you read the subsequent privacy policy.    In case this privacy policy changes, the newly, changed policy will be published on this site.  We advise you to check our privacy policy from time to time, especially prior to submitting any of your personal details to our site.   For more information or question related to our privacy policy, please contact us via