About Us


At 0°SOUTH we combine ultimate comfort, best quality and style for men underwear in the most practical form and we offer this to buy and renew through an easy online experience.

We want you to feel comfortable at any time of the day.  In the car, at the office, traveling, doing sports or simply at home …  


0°SOUTH is an Antwerp – Belgium – based private company established in 2013.   Co-founded by 4 entrepreneurs who made it their ambition to become the trusted source for your essential clothing needs.    We have a commitment to do this through delivering quality products and offering outstanding customer service in a consistent manner… and all of this at a fair price.


Less is more!    At 0°SOUTH we are convinced that, although there are plenty of brands of undergarment, there is a reason why many men don’t go shopping for underwear.     It is often related to time, priorities, interest, and simply not thinking about it at your next best shopping opportunity.    The moment we think about it is when we have the least possible time… in the morning getting dressed!

Result is that most of men have a collection where many items are worn out, not good material, too tight, uncomfortable, etc.

If men go shopping, they are often overwhelmed with many different styles, fabrics, color motives, etc …  where in fact all they want are comfortable, timeless and basic models that last.

This what 0°SOUTH is all about.   Mens underwear of the best quality featuring a contemporary yet timeless design with a practical touch.